The following Enterprise relational databases are supported:

  • Oracle

    • Supported Oracle DB from version 11g to 19.3
    • Any edition starting by Xpress Edition (XE) or superior (including Autonomous DB and Oracle RDS in AWS)
    • We support any OS platform supported by Oracle (docXtend SW must be deployed in a docXtend supported OS).
  • SQL Server

    • Supported SQL Server from version 2012SP4 to 2019
    • Any edition starting by Express or superior including Azure SQL Server Managed Instances
    • We support any Windows platform supported by Microsoft for the running database (docXtend SW has to be deployed in a docXtend supported host). SQL Server in Linux/Docker is not supported.

docXtend SW (agent) is supported in any of these platforms (either physical or virtualized with manufacturer supported versions of VMware or Hyper-V):

  • Windows

    • Windows Server 2012 – x64
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 – x64
    • Windows Server 2016 – x64
    • Windows Server 2019 – x64
  • Linux

    • CentOS7 – x64
    • CentOS8 – x64
    • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 RHEL – x64
    • RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 RHEL – x64
    • Suse SLES 12 – x64
    • Suse SLES 15 – x64

In addition, docXtend Command Line Interface (CLI) can be installed in Windows 10 x64 desktops.

The server has to have installed Oracle’s Java Runtime Environment v8 or v11 x64

Supported content managers:

  • Alfresco Community Edition v6.2 or later
  • Alfresco Content Services Enterprise v6.2 or later
  • BOX ( Cloud based content manager.
  • CMIS v1.1 compliant content managers with browser binding*

(* Best effort support.  Please contact support for detailed information)