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Does docXtend require access to my applications?

No, only to the database that your application is using to store content in. The solution works at a data repository level, so it is completely independent on where your application is running.

Will the setup modify my application's data model?

No. Your application data model will be unaffected. In fact, your data will also remain in the same place as before, with the exception of the content you explicitly define to be integrated with your content manager. This content (typically a document or picture or any binary data) will be moved from your application database to the content manager. The attribute value that was storing that content will be updated to NULL in your database.

In addition, docXtend will create an additional ‘parallel’ data model to store the ‘links’ to your content manager, that is where a specific content has been stored once moved to your ECM platform. This way, the solution is able to transparently read the documents when requested by your business app.

When the application reads the content using a SQL query and it is already moved to the content manager, will docXtend restore it at the database?

No. The content is fetched and served in pass-through mode. Content is restored in the database only if it is explicitly requested using the CLI.

What happens if I want to restore the content in my application database?

You have a command line interface (CLI) operation for doing this. It is called “rollback”. Just issue “docxtend rollback –help” for detailed information.

Is the FREE license a temporary license?

It is perpetual, free forever. The FREE license has a number of limitations but will not expire. You can take all your time you need to use it and make sure the product will fit your needs. In this case, a Standard or Enterprise version is recommended for the full featured version and production-ready support. Check our pricing post for details.